Bee Trend

Bee Trend

Fashion loves an animal, but a dog is for life principle doesn’t hold here, this is fashion and as Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Fashion is made to be unfashionable’, quite literally.

One season we saw flamingos, the next we saw lamas, but now it’s the time of our cute furry little friend the bee, which I first noticed on Gucci trainers. Since then others have joined in with the fashion’s bee colony, Dolce & Gabbana has bees on suits and Bally has put bees on handbags.

We also at PERIDOT have been busy little bees ourselves and stock products with a bee motif on cosmetic bags, purses, jugs, headbands, bookmarks, suncatchers and cushions in various different shapes and colours. 

Type ‘Bee’ in our search engine on our website and 21 bee related products currently appear, with more to follow soon.

We are not sure how long this trend will last before it buzzes off once again, but as of now we do love our bees.

To end with a fun fact, did you know the iconic Ritz hotel, London has installed three colonies of bees on top of the roof of the hotel. 

We are wondering whether this would be a step too far for the local residents of PERIDOT.

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