Better Night's Sleep

Better Night's Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep and during this difficult period in our lives we often get asked if we can recommend products that assist with a peaceful night's sleep from our NEOM Organics London range. Luckily NEOM has developed two ranges aptly named a ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’ and ‘Bedtime Hero’.

NEOM firmly believes in the use of essential oils in your pre-bedtime routine. Not only do NEOM blends smell amazing with seriously complex natural blends of up to 24 oils, but they also really do work to help lull you to the land of nod. As you inhale essential oils calming signals go to your brain to help you relax for sleep.

The two NEOM 100% natural sleep blends are ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep’ (The lavender has a soft and super floral scent) and ‘Bedtime Hero’ (Sweet, fruity and fresh). Both have been blended to work on your sleep with their Pillow Mists, Candles and more.

For the perfect sleep routine we recommend to light a NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep candle and slowly breath in and out, while relaxing in the bath with the floral lavender vibes of the NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam.

Magnesium is key to the bedtime routine, so we recommend to apply the NEOM Bedtime Hero Body Butter, which has the power of the essential oils with the added boost of magnesium being absorbed through your skin.

If you want to go the ‘full Monty’ spritz some NEOM Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist onto your pillow before turning the lights off for a truly peaceful nights's sleep!

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