Christmas Ordering

Christmas Ordering

You may or may not be aware that PERIDOT and all other retailers go to a specialised trade show in January to order the bulk of their Christmas stock for September delivery.

While this is mainly to allow sufficient time for our stockists to manufacture the products, from a retailer perspective it is also very beneficial to order while popular products are still fresh in our minds.

However for the first time since PERIDOT was established in 2001 and in a world where Covid-19 exists, such trade shows are sadly still no longer taking place.

For Christmas 2021 we are having to order our stock online and have chosen Gisela Graham London as our main Christmas supplier as we know the products are always of a high quality and their designs are very popular with our customers.

We have chosen decadent colour themes alongside traditional, for example, a gold and green jungle theme, a black and gold bee collection, gold and red stags, navy birds and flowers, not to mention the usual traditional abundance of fairies, angels and Santas.

Even though Christmas is just about as far away as it possibly could be in the month of January, we are already excited to show you the stock we have chosen for Christmas 2021.

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