Home Interior Trends

Home Interior Trends

With more of us spending time at home than we ever have before, the interior design of our environment has never been so important, so with this in mind we have compiled a list of our favourite home interior trends for 2021.

Cottagecore - Is all about being one with nature and bringing the outdoors inside your home. We currently stock an array of cottagecore inspired cushions, lamps, candle holders and more.

Dried flowers - Continuing with the trend connection to nature, dried flowers have become more popular for floral arrangements, especially pampas grass, bunny tails and lavender.

Antique Mirrors - We have always liked antique style mirrors at PERIDOT, but for 2021 we are noticing an increased demand for bronze antique mirrors, which are available on the website and retail shops.

Scandi - Is not new but is still a very popular trend with its neutral colours, clean lines and unfussy designs, which appeals to all ages. Due to increased demand we have recently added a whole range of nordic style furniture to our website, which has proven to be very popular.

Rustic - Is a blend of many styles, but at its heart reflects a sense of charm, nature and warmth. Think wood-texture, wood panelling, exposed stone and woodbeams with copper taps.

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