Marvis Florence 1958

Marvis Florence 1958

We are delighted to announce we have started to stock the cult Italian brand Marvis, founded in Florence in 1958.

Marvis is arguably the world’s only heritage toothpaste brand and has been voted in the top 5 luxury toothpastes by Bloomberg USA, amongst many other accolades over the years.

Marvis is the Italian dental hygiene name that has been a mainstay in the bathrooms of many since the 1950’s. Now just as much an interior decor accent as it is a daily essential, Marvis’s highly effective, quality toothpaste comes in an eclectic range of flavours for the toothpaste connoisseur and an array of beautifully coloured packaging and tubes for the aseptically inclined.

Marvis creates original, aromatic toothpastes that provide maximum protection, a fresh sensory experience and exceptional whitening. Marvis has revolutionised tooth brushing with its contemporary toothpastes, turning a chore into a daily pleasure.

Marvis’ toothpaste are vegan, paragon-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and they also use gentle xylitol and sorbitan based formulas to cleanse and condition your teeth and gums without causing irritation.

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