PERIDOT's 20th Anniversary

PERIDOT's 20th Anniversary


Carmel has always had a keen eye for interiors, having studied interior design at college both in her teens and late 30’s.

Carmel decided to open the first PERIDOT in Sedgefield on 4th August 2001, quite a risky choice at the time with Sedgefield being such a quiet village than the more buzzy atmosphere we know today.

Carmel enjoyed running PERIDOT for many years before sadly becoming too ill to continue and decided to sell the business to Daria in 2015, but still assists with choosing stock and shows a keen interest to this very day.

A little known fact - PERIDOT is named after the birthstone of August, the month the first shop was opened and is pronounced with a silent T - ‘Perry-dough’.



Daria, the current owner of PERIDOT retail shops, has extensive knowledge in retail, having previously worked in the jewellery department at Harrods, before becoming assistant manager at Rolex in Bond Street, London for a number of years.

Daria moved from London to the North East to be with her partner Kursten, who is Carmel’s son and decided to purchase PERIDOT Sedgefield in 2015.

While a considerably different work environment to her prior years, Daria loves the friendly atmosphere and people in the North East and soon opened a second PERIDOT in Norton with her partner during 2018.

Daria’s aim is to continue sourcing good quality unusual products and brands at an inexpensive price. 

A little known fact - Daria is originally from Russia (And not France or Italy, as she is regularly asked) and moved to the UK on her own aged 18 and has remained here ever since.



Kursten is Carmel’s son and Daria’s partner and is the owner of PERIDOT online eShop.

Kursten has been involved in interior design for most of his life having started his own property investment & rental business at the age of 18.

Kursten designed & created the current PERIDOT website and now employs a small team of experts in the field of e-commerce.

Kursten’s aim is to try to continually improve the website, add more product choice and promote. 

A little known fact - We have been advised by Shopify that our website traffic (Views) is in the top 8% of Shopify platform websites since launch.